Rites & Wrongs

by Jack Carlyle

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This is a collection of spells: emotional poems that I wanted to shout out loud & little synth ditties that cheered me up - powerful magic.


released June 28, 2017




Jack Carlyle London, UK

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Track Name: Miscreant's Prayer
Forgive me father, for I am sinning,
Just like I've been doing ever since the beginning,
Just like I'll keep doing until the bitter end,
I don't regret it but at least I can pretend.
Track Name: Blueberry Jam
The gentle first taste
Staining your cheeks
My fingers are sticky
Your breath is so sweet
Try a bit more
Licking your lips
Try not to spoil me
With too many drips

I've never been good
With a delicate touch
I bruise far too easy
And you're just too much
The heat makes us soft
I'll try to be tough
No matter how sweet
It's never enough

but i cant keep it down anymore
pour it all out
im drowning myself on the floor
pour it all out
Track Name: Bottleneck
You lift me up
You tilt me back
Keep going until
All you can see is black

Slowly drain
Until I float
With fleeting words
Caught in my throat

Turn my head
Become dizzy
Empty me, empty me, empty me
Track Name: Honest
Maybe I grew twisted
Maybe I grew blue
I liked the sound of satan more
But the christians run hell, too

Every morning when I wake up
I cross my heart and hope to die
By the time the sun goes down
There's twenty needles in my eyes
Track Name: The New Gods
The static gave way to a screen of blue tranquility, though some have interpreted this as an omen of death. Nevertheless, we rise to the sound of birdsong and make short work of the latest, throwing our worthless pennies into the ring, screaming to be heard by any reflective surface, what narcissism is this?

The freedom of the press cost more than we'd anticipated; out of captivity it multiplied like fires and now sweeps planes of domains in seconds, leaking into pockets and spilling back out through furious clicks. The efficiency of this new machine is outstripped by none, and it is us (and the machine marches on).

Clockwork couldn't keep pace with todays race, and these rats don't even need to outsmart traps, instead setting fresh bait for those they perceive as beneath them. Nobody runs shit, the shit runs them up and down the court all day, sorting them into filing cabinets tall enough to require planning permission from the Gods themselves.

The Gods themselves, however, are dead, haven't you heard? They got complacent so we smoked them out and placed ourselves adjacent to their vacant thrones, like "two legs good but two barrels better", without ever pausing to consider the gravity of it, like a child joyfully leaping from a seventh story window, and we've been falling ever since.
Track Name: Darks
Perched atop a volcano
In the pitch black of the night
The only light is my cigarette and
The pinpoints in the sky

The wind is soft against my skin
And screams a distant roar
The inside of my cheeks
Are bitten bloody and raw

I'm so small
But I'm the only thing I know
And I am shattered into nothing
But I am whole

Dancing with the meteors
With gently swaying hips
Willing God to answer me
Without a question on my lips
Track Name: Liquid Crystals, part 2
I put you in a box and set it on fire
Just so I could be the one to save you from burning alive
But you outsmarted me and brought a knife
To make sure neither of us would survive
Track Name: When I Die
When I die throw my shoes into the sea
When I die whisper gently to me
When I die pull out all my teeth
When I die give me secrets to keep
When I die make me into a cloud
When I die put sugar in my mouth
When I die celebrate each new day
When I die sing and dance on my grave
Track Name: Callow
Sprinting along this path of ice
Avoiding at all costs that straight and narrow
Spending all my time and money with this device
I dont ever wanna not be callow
Track Name: Liquid Crystals, part 1
I watched you grow
Through the glow
Enchanting my marrow
You made me slow

To far to walk
To close to leave
You’re the air
I cannot breathe

I held you in the palm of my hand
And you told me I'm not even real
I never even touched your skin
But you're the only one i could ever feel
Track Name: Not Unscathed
This morning a bird
Threw itself beneath my car
I couldn't stop

The small body broke
As I began to rain
I couldn't stop

My heavy eyelids
Held back the sunrise
Spinning grass shards
Into pale air
Suffocating the clouds
I couldn't stop
Track Name: Torn
This guilt is overwhelming
For everything you feel
I'm sorry for this bed of nails
I'm sorry I'm not real

I fucked it up right from the start
My stupid cloudy head
And then I pulled you closer
Started pulling at your threads

There's nothing I can tell you
And nothing I can ask
Wish that I could only hold you
But I'm made of shards of glass

My selfish nature won't let you be
I can't live with that
My fragile ribs wont let you go
Please don't write me back
Track Name: 36 Hours
Melons and death for 36 hours
Sapphire bath water under a dripping shower
Burn down the signposts
And drown all the flowers

Our bones are wooden splinters
Welcoming the winters
When everything dies and we can hide
And won't apologise for being sinners

There's tiny motors buried in the stones
Broken and rusty like mechanical bones